Dec 9, 2014

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Naruto to Mobius [Spoilers]

I’ve had a good amount of time to reflect on the ending of Naruto, a manga I’ve been reading since college. To say I’m disappointed isn’t correct, but to say I was thrilled wouldn’t be accurate either. Those who know me (or more to the point, know my taste in stories) know what a huge Naruto and Hinata shipper I was. So I received a lot of messages in the past month...

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Apr 2, 2014

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Review: The Wind Rises

 I, of course, went and saw The Wind Rises opening weekend. As a huge Hayao Miyazaki fan, there was no chance I would miss his final film before retirement… again. And preliminary reviews were nothing short of exemplary. I couldn’t find a critic online who didn’t like it.  This made me nervous for obvious reasons, but at the very least I knew that I would enjoy the movie,...

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Feb 3, 2014

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Rowling Knew All Along

As expected, the recent bombshell J.K. Rowling dropped on the world in a new...

Jan 23, 2014

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Personal Media Update 2014

Media Updates – January 22, 2014 Books in my To-read...

Jan 9, 2014

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The Ultimate Quest in Game Design

Long ago, I came to a surprisingly shrewd revelation about game design,...

Oct 2, 2013

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I opened my latest version of my query template for Mobius and Aurora,...

Sep 10, 2013

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Writing Update

For a long time, it has been suggested to me many times that I should look...