Jan 30, 2013

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A New Step

So apparently, eight years after fully committing myself to becoming a published author, I find out I’ve been doing everything wrong. My wonderful critique group dutifully gasped upon my naïve and innocent declaration that I did not have a website.

“Oops?” I said with a smile and a shrug.

But because they are so wonderful, the people who shamed me also stepped up to help me make this site. And now that I am no longer (100%) ignorant, I’m ready to begin the process all over again. I’m as determined as ever to get published, and I’m excited about the opportunities this website will present. Of course, it also means hours and hours of learning about something I should have learned about years ago, but if I can spend 50 hours working with a program for the sole purpose of making a map, then I can do this.

So this is my website. My goal is to use this as a marketing hub for my writing. I’ll do whatever it takes to reach that goal, because I feel I can make it. I have the talent and work ethic. Now I just need a shot. I will be open to any and all questions, comments, witty stories, and half-drunken rants. You can email me at mrjames@mckennarjames.com or tweet me @mckennarjames.

Let the new era begin!