Feb 11, 2013

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The Stories I Love Most

A friend recently made a comment to me I found interesting. He was recommending a book to me, but then added a qualifier at the end, saying, “Oh but you probably won’t like the romance part of it.”

And he was right. I hated the “romance” part of the book (if that’s what you could call it.) Frankly, these days, when people refer to the “romance” in stories, they’re referring to relationships, sex, and the socially accepted actions used to acquire them. But the truth is, when I think of romance, I think of something totally different, and I’m sorry to say that I just figured that out. Before, I was frustrated when people would tell me the “romance is really good” in a book or movie and it ends up being the opposite, but I see now that it didn’t occur to me I was speaking a different language the whole time.

To me, romance isn’t the story of a relationship… it’s the story of destiny. My absolute favorite stories are those that tell the path it took for one man and one woman to become everything to each other or the presentation of two people who have already dared that long road and are now inseparable. Darcy and Bennett, Howl and Sophie, Michael and Fiona, Chiaki and Nodame… Mobius and Aurora. These are couples who didn’t have time for other people, so great was their infatuation, intensity, intrigue toward each other. These are the stories I love to see and love to write, and I guess most people just don’t get it, or perhaps they’ve settled for less. At least, that’s how I see it. I hear arguments about how certain characters should be together because it would produce the ending where everyone can be happy (*cough Harry and Ginny *cough) and it makes me sick. It’s a cop out. Why not go for all out, glorious romance instead of settling on shtick?

I recently came across a show that had me shivering every week in delight – Sword Art Online. Not only is it an utterly fantastic story, but the relationship between the two characters is everything I wish I could produce in my own books. The love between Kirito and Asuna drives them to such amazing lengths, and you just know that any other result but them ending up together would be a travesty. And I love it!

Anyone reading this should check it out when they get a chance. It really shouldn’t be missed. And I have tons of other stories to recommend for those out there like me – wanting a really good romance, and not just the same old “romance.”