Feb 12, 2013

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Fionna Sells Undesired Wares

I love Adventure Time, but this is kind of ridiculous.

Shameless DVD Promotion

Season 5 is airing, but they’ve only released the first season on DVD. Now, instead of giving consumers what we really want, cartoon network is releasing a “sampling” of episodes, using Fionna and Cake (awesome characters but they only appear in one episode) as the promotional vehicle. I don’t really understand the whole thought process behind this kind of project, but unless CN wants to only continue catering to small children and their mothers, wouldn’t it be prudent to actually release the full seasons of their immensely popular shows?

Adventure Time is a brilliant, hilarious series. I don’t want this. I wish I knew why anyone would want this over the complete seasons. Anyone else agree? Or am I in the minority here? I know Princess Bubblegum agrees. Right, Princess?