Apr 22, 2013

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First Food Blog – Wingnuts!

What exactly is the point of a restaurant/food blog? Whenever I read others (not very often mind you), it’s always a review of a restaurant a person happened to go to. So the results could be good, bad, or anywhere in-between. But what’s the point of that? A person could do that on Yelp. Shouldn’t an actual blog be different? Because unless a person is a food critic by profession, it sounds really boring.

 Wingnuts 2           I like the idea of reviewing restaurants, but only for the ones I really, really love (or loath, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it). I’ll admit what others accuse me of: I hype things that I love and sometimes overhype things. But it’s only because when I find something I enjoy, I’m hoping to find others who do, too. I’m all about finding new restaurants and places that can top what I previously believed was untoppable.

            To this day, Wingnuts is still one of those untoppable places. Located in Costa Mesa and Ontario, CA, Wingnuts is a grill/bar that specializes in chicken wings. I first discovered it about ten years ago when my cousin got a job at the Costa Mesa location as a waitress while attending college at nearby Vanguard. All I needed was one visit, and I was hooked for life. My friends and family know me as a total Wingnuts yokel, but they all have come to realize my obsession wasn’t without merit (except my dad and brother, two of the biggest food lamers on the planet – sucks to be them).

Wingnuts           Look, I’m going to be completely honest: I’ve only tried maybe five or six items on the menu. But the reason is because I have to get the wings. They have over 30 flavors, some of which they change up every now and then, and almost all of them are phenomenal. They’re big and meaty, never frozen, and better than any other wings I’ve ever had, bar none. They’re served with pretty good homemade chips, along with ranch and celery (standard) but even those are better than other places, because the wing sauces are perfect for dipping.

            Now, this isn’t to say everything else on the menu isn’t worth trying, because the other things I have tried were very good. The buffalo nachos were excellent, mainly because of the sauce – the best buffalo sauce I’ve ever had. The far east nachos, likewise, were incredible. They use their soy ginger sauce (most popular) to coat chips made from wontons, then slather them in chicken and cheese. And from the mouths of friends who dared try something other than wings, I’ve heard the burgers and wraps are tasty, but the rib tips leave something to be desired.

            The décor has always been interesting to me. The restaurant focuses on the airplane theme. They have wing parts hanging from the rafters, maps and old newspaper articles about daring pilots on the walls, and a row of airplane seats up front for people to sit in while waiting for a table. Also, there’s a great rewards program called the “Pile High Club” I absolutely love and wish other restaurants would employ. Repeat customers earn points based on the number of wings purchased. For every 250, a $10 gift certificate is earned. After that, it’s about going the distance. A “Half-Mile” of 2,640 wings gets you a plaque on their wall of fame, while a “Mile” of 5,280 wings gets you a second plaque and a personalized bomber jacket. (I’m almost to my Mile – been dreaming about that jacket!)

            To sum up… just go. I’m not going to paraphrase more than that. It’s worth the trip, and everyone I know should already be aware of that by now. And if you’re looking to go with somebody, I think you know who to call! In all likelihood, I’m available. I always am for Wingnuts.