Aug 21, 2013

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A Return to Business


AlaskaI recently achieved three (nearly) life-long goals, and all in almost-rapid succession.  One of those was traveling to all 50 states. Looking back, it’s an amazing accomplishment that I feel great about. And the reward is extremely satisfying, because I have acquired such a great knowledge of the U.S. that I can use essentially the rest of my life. I’m the “go-to” travel tip guy, and I love it.


However, with that accomplishment came the increased desire to achieve perhaps my greatest dream: to get published. So, moving forward, I plan to triple my efforts not only to get another book written, but also to send out queries and go to writer conferences. My goal is to send out 40 queries before the end of the year, go to at least one major conference, completely edit half of my first book, and have at least a third of my new book written.


Ike's PlaceAs for my trip, well it was fantastic. It was all about food, of course, but the whole experience was incredible. However, the big revelation was Ike’s Place in San Francisco. It’s a rare moment in life when you realize as you’re eating something that you’re experiencing something amazing. But the sandwiches we ate were divine. It will be a must-experience every time I go to San Francisco now, and I honestly can’t wait. Anyone who goes on this recommendation, make sure you get your sandwich on the Dutch Crunch bread!


Besides the food, my mother and I had some great experiences. We watched fireworks on a beach in Vancouver, took a glacier and wildlife tour in Alaska, I met up with friends in San Francisco and Seattle. I didn’t get to travel last year (the first time I didn’t travel in a year in maybe a decade!), so the trip was especially satisfying. I don’t know where my travels with take me next, but I’m sure it will be something amazing. I definitely would love to go back to Vancouver. That was probably the city that left the greatest impression, and I would return in a heartbeat.


 But the trip is over, and now it’s on to work and writing! (And moving… thanks, sis)