Jan 7, 2015

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Personal Media Update

Media Updates – January 7, 2015

Time for my annual list. Not only for organization, but to receive suggestions from readers. Anyone want to help me add? 🙂


Books in my To-read List (enthusiasm/optimism level out of 10):

Currently Reading: Fall of Sky City – S. M. Blooding (9)  Unfortunately, I stalled on this book due to my move and other happening in my life. However, I want to finish this story.
– Steelheart – Brandon Sanderson (6)
– The Slow Regard of Silent Things – Patrick Rothfuss (9)


Currently Watching:
– Hitsugi no Chaika 2 (7)
– Hotaru no Haka (7)
– Log Horizon 2 (10) – Might be better than Sword Art Online, which is saying something. I love this show.

Next: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (9) – (8.8 rating on myanimelist! That’s rediculously high)

American Shows

Currently Watching (on a regular, committed basis):
– NCIS (10) – last night’s episode was craaaaazy
– Brooklyn Nine-Nine (10) – this show is funnier than Big Bang Theory. Freakin hilarious.
– Big Bang Theory (10)
– Adventure Time (8)

NOTE: Heather and I are considering Marvel: Agents of Shield. Anyone know if it’s any good?


Currently Reading:
– Gamble Fish (10)
– Sekirei (8)
– Otoyomegatari (10)

Sadly Naruto and Kaichou wa Maid-sama ended, leaving me short on serial manga.


Currently Playing: Child of Light (8) – gorgeous game that I look forward to getting back into once I move into the new house.

– Bayonetta 2 – Wii U (10)
– Super Smash Bros. – Wii U (8)

Note: I’m considering GTA 5 for PS4 when I eventually get one. I love open world RPG like that, but I’m still debating. Really what I’m doing is waiting for all the exciting games that are coming out in the future. Namely, Uncharted 4, the new Zelda, and Elder Scrolls 6. In the meantime, I’ll be patient.


Any other must-reads/watches/plays? I pretty much operate on recommendations. As far as movies go, I’m really looking forward to 2015: All the Marvel movies, Jurassic Park 4, James Bond 24, Mission Impossible, the list goes on and on.