Micah and Charlotte


"Let's go!" - Micah and Charlotte

“Let’s go!” – Micah and Charlotte


Book 1: Micah and Charlotte

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The Story


              Micah Champlain is a weapon, sharpened into the king’s finest killer. An unbreakable magic seals his heart and he can do nothing but obey, a slave to mere whim. Charlotte Goodsteel is a prisoner, stolen away for a power only she possesses. Born with the Moon Eyes, she is to bring about the collapse of the Age of Angels. Never before had they known freedom… until the night they meet. Deep within the walls of an impenetrable fortress, Micah is entrusted with guarding Charlotte’s cell, and their lives are never the same again.

              She breaks his heart, and he sets her free.

              Escaping from the demented grip of Nathanial Vash, the king’s counselor, they flee Soto Silver, forming an unusual bond as they wander Carnel in search of a way out. While he keeps her alive, she teaches him how to live, and with mutual effort they discover the strength found not only in trust, but in friendship. However, time is not on their side. Pursued by numerous assassins, they cheat death time and again, leaving ruin in their wake. Vash will stop at nothing to take back the Moon Eyes, even if it means resurrecting a villain of lore he can’t possibly control. In the midst of a struggle to find himself, Micah becomes Charlotte’s only hope. And if he’s going to find a way for them to survive, he must discover who he is, and more importantly, what his awakened heart desires.