Mobius and Aurora

Mobius & Aurora

Mobius & Aurora


Book 1: The Demon Stone


Book 2: The Fourth Sword

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Book 3: Shroud and Scepter

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The Story


            “Dark Morning.

             The world knew it by such an impersonal name, a grand title for a solitary moment in time. A day when legends were lost and heroes were born, converted into a harrowing tale with the passing years. But to them, it was more than a simple story. To Mobius and Aurora, those tormented bounty hunters of lore, Dark Morning had but one distinction. One claim to call its own.

            It was the day the Blue Tiger came.”


            Revenge takes on many forms, but it always produces the same result – pain. After witnessing the slaughter of their families by a ruthless assassin, Mobius of Orion and Aurora of Pegasus discover they are no different. But despite a tormented childhood, filled with rage and regret, they grow up to become two of the most feared swordfighters and wizards of their time. Hatred drives them and keeps them alive even when the whole world might see them burn.

            A world that desperately needs them.

            The tribes of Carnel cry out for heroes as a trio of warlords continues to wreak havoc in their insatiable lust for a power Mobius protects. While attempting to prevent war, Mobius and Aurora become the heart of a violent struggle capable of shattering their very existence with a single misstep, but in the midst of the chaos, they find within themselves a will to stay alive, and they do it by holding on to each other.